by Francesc Català-Roca

by René Groebli

Zurich, between 9 and midday, 1948.

by Antanas Sutkus

Sleet. Lazdynai, Vilnius, 1965

by Andrei Pandele

Bucharest, circa 1982


by Ara Güler

Istanbul, 1965

I just realized that this photo got a nice blue tag, and promptly choked on my drink: it was a #Fashion blue tag. Behold Ara Güler, the great fashion photographer.

I have many snarky comments at the tip of my tongue, but you know what? Screw that. Ara Güler happens to be one of my favourite photographers of all time, and the more people get a glimpse of his work, by whatever route, the better. My thanks to the editors, and yay for blue tags!


We’ll resume tomorrow or when sober again, whichever comes last. Birthday wish: I wish Amanda Palmer would sing “Pirate Jenny” with Alan Moore’s lyrics. Can someone please make that happen?

She sits there calm, while outside there’s alarm,
and you have your first moment of doubt
when you notice that she’s smiling through her bruises
and you think “Christ, what’s she got to smile about?”

And the ship, the black raider
is announced on the wharfside
by a scream from without.

by Paolo Pellegrin

Jenin, Palestine, 2002

by Andy Spyra

Srinagar, Kashmir, India 2009

by Rudolf Koppitz

"Alt-Pustertalerin", Tyrol, Austria, ca. 1930.

(Source: burnedshoes)

by Gianni Berengo Gardin

Toscana, 1965