by Neil Krug

On the road, from “Pulp Art Book: Volume One”. [x]

by Imogen Cunningham

Three Dancers, Mills College,1929.

by Neil Krug

From “Pulp Art Book: Volume One”. [x]

by Dorothea Lange

Texas Tenant Farmers, 1939.

One of these days, I am going to publish a book of all the pictures I did not take. It is going to be a huge hit.
— René Burri (via thewhitedarkroom)

by Neil Krug

Bonnie Series #8, from “Pulp Art Book: Volume One”. [x]

by Neil Krug

Scion Road Trip, from “Pulp Art Book: Volume One”.

Together with his girlfriend, now wife, Joni Harbeck, [Neil Krug] founded Pulp Art Book, a collection of photography and commercial work in limited edition prints, books and films. In 2011 he released the LP-sized ‘Pulp Art Book: Volume One’ with images of Joni shot with polaroid film years past its sell-by date. The narrative photographs remind us of spaghetti westerns and the artistic expressions of the 60s and 70s in B-movies and on LP covers.. [x]

by André Kertész

Girl on a Swing, 1936.

(Source: flashofgod)

by André Kertész


by Rodrigo Moyo

Mexico City, 1958.

(Source: secretcinema1)